Software As A Service (SAAS)
Software As A Service (SAAS)
  • Argons develop products aimed at specific business verticals by offering web solutions and Services which are hosted and offered on a flexible pricing modals
  • Licensing Options - Flexible, pay per use, monthly pricing model making financial outlay manageable by Users
  • Updates to the software are free, instantaneous and require no work on clients part to install
  • Maintenance and Support free
  • Return on Investment is much quicker and a lot easier to substantiate and quantify as most of the costs are eliminated.

Benefits of SAAS
  • Software is paid when it is consumed hence lower Cost of Ownership
  • Saving on capital and effort and utilizing them in strategic areas so you can focus on Core Competency
  • Users can access application and Access data from anywhere using internet
  • Access and use applications in the language of your choice
  • New Application Types - Applications are developed that may have an occasional use model
  • Users need not continually upgrade the software