Experts of Impetus aerospace engineering
Mr. A. Ramakrishna Rao
Chief Executive

His expertise exceed 50 years in manufacturing arena.

Had, 10 year experience in TELCO Jamshedpur and 38 year experience in HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LTD, Bengaluru, in designing and building of Jigs, fixtures, Assembly jigs and GHE. Also in manufacturing and structure assemblies of aerospace needs

Overseas assignments with BAE-British Aerospace Industries, UK, DA- Dasault Aviation, France, Westland Helicopters, UK, Dornier - Germany, Boeing- USA.

Had extended services As Technical Consultant to ADA-Aeronautical Development Authority, CADES, TATA HAL TECHNOLOGIES and HCL in the fields of Tool design, manufacturing technologies and effort and cost estimates in Aerospace needs.

Manufacture and structural assemblies of aircraft, effort estimates for Tooling and manufacturing activities.